A place where it's all about the finest music for listeners and dancers alike.


Your host, Jo Green, looks forward to welcoming you and our jaunty Compere,

Lucky Uncle George, will be introducing you to some of best bands and DJs!

We promise you a musical journey through the history of roots music from the
20s through
to the early 50s, with a genuine and comprehensive mix of

JAZZ, SWING, RnB, some very early RnR thrown in at times, as well as much

much more! 

The event is welcoming, heart-warming, inclusive, celebratory, and encourages

cohesion within the music-loving community that we are part of.

Ultimately, it's immense FUN! 

See a short video here:  https://youtu.be/kIYrtKnKfGg

And photos, via the Facebook page, click on "See All" to view all albums: www.facebook.com/pg/friskingthewhiskersweekend/photos/

And, in keeping with the tone of the event, our DJs and bands will tune into

your needs, whilst joyfully expressing themselves.  Our guys know how to keep

you entertained and there really will be something for everyone. So, if you don't

fancy listening to the bands, for instance, you get the opportunity to visit other

rooms and explore what's on offer.  We aim to please!

Top class dance tuition in BALBOA, LINDY HOP, and SHAG.

Enhance your skills and maybe learn something new.

NOTE:  In case you're wondering - This is NOT a "dance camp". You don't need to

register or sign up as a lead or follow.  Lessons are primarily to give you

something a bit extra, are fun, and do get busy.  There are no competitions.

So, please come and join a more informal atmosphere and let yourself go.  


THREE areas for your listening and dancing pleasure!:

Our Ballroom for the evening entertainment with great bands and DJs.

The Cats' Corner for afternoon sessions (including a live band), and then

after-hours dancing to our fabulous DJs.


 The Mess Around club for those who love 78s! Not to be missed!


Vintage Traders

Hair Stylists


Event Merchandise

Fabulous photographers to catch you looking your best!

What's not to like? It's where ALL the cats join in!


Lucky Uncle George 

Lounge lizard and vintage veteran, once described on the Chap Magazine Facebook forum as, ”A self publicising bounder in an ill-fitting suit”; an accolade he endeavours to live up to!