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You want 78s?  You want MORE amazing music from incredible DJs?  


A bar where you can hang out in your finest clothes and soak up the electric atmosphere or get involved in the full-on dancefloor action.

(There's a reason the phrase "Jazz Rave" kept slipping off guests' tongues, after spending time in here!).

With DJ Swing Maniac at the helm, we bring you some of the finest and best known shellac/78 DJs who all love hanging out together and delighting in their shared passion.  You WILL be entertained.  


We may also have a couple of guest appearances, from those with their own collection of 78s.

 Don't miss spending some time in The Mess Around.


greg's R&B 78s.jpg
V&P with 78s.jpg

Swing Maniac


Stomp Down Geoff

Pip & Miss V


Don Pucci

Greg's 78s


Kid Krupa

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