You want 78s?  You want MORE amazing music from amazing DJs?  You want a bar where you can wear your finest and relax, chat, have a drink? You want the sort of music where you can Bal and Shag to your hearts content, and get low and gritty with your Lindy?  THIS IS IT!

WARNING:  As we move into the later hours, things will get hot and sizzling!  

We bring to you some of the finest and best known 78 DJs who all love hanging out together

and delighting in their shared passion.  You WILL be entertained.  Check out the DJs below... 


We may also have a couple of guest appearances, from those with their own collection of 78s.

This room has received hugely positive feedback with much excitement surrounding it.  Don't miss spending some time here.

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2020's DJs

Swing Maniac

Rohan Thee Man

Pip & Miss V

Demi (2).jpg


Hotcha Paul


Kid Krupa


Stomp Down Geoff