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What our guests have to say...

I have just returned RAGGED, from the best weekender I have ever attended in the UK.  That weekender, is "Frisking the Whiskers"

Words alone cannot express the joy, that is leaping around my heart right now - The atmosphere and marvellous behaviour, to put it bluntly, smashed all the scales completely of the chain!

Frisking The Whiskers is the alternative to the norm that plenty of us have been waiting for and the attendance that weekend proved that to be the case.

Everybody was up for hearing different musical genres, that they like, being played by DJs and Acts that are normally alienated from being aired at other weekend festivals, and also being up for experiencing music they were not usually familiar with, and expanding thier knowledge.

Any of you who know me well know that I have particular taste, and that I'm not easily impresse, so trust me on this one, it's cussing great!
Block bookings are already being taken for next year, so don't leave it to long to book your space.

Now that being said, I just thank my blessings to have been able to share QUALITY time with so many wonderful people, and also bumping into friends I had not seen in a loooooong time.  Far too many to list, but you know who you all are.

And the catalyst for this happening was the organiser of Frisking the Whiskers Jo Green.

So! If no listen, you're gonna be missin.....out!

I said I wish I could put all that love and joy in a jar so I could open it every so often when I’m feeling down and refill it again at the next one. Perhaps with a bigger jar.

To my friends who missed the most epic weekend I have ever been on.
Please get booked up for the next Frisking The Whiskers now before all chalets are sold out.

Now into it - My God it was a total stomping weekend. Rooms playing different genres of music amazing bands, especially the Tenement Jazz Band, incredible atmosphere & wild parties, I could go on. I will say however congratulations to Jo Green who put it all on the line to create the most amazing and original thought out weekend out there. Yes there will be imitators but Frisking is the real deal.

Finally had enough time to try and put into words what an amazing time we had at Frisking the Whiskers.
Something for everyone as the music stretched from the late 20s to the late 50s.
The band's were brilliant, my favourite The Hot House Four + 1 and Gypsy John & Christopher Reynolds were on fire, along with some stonkin' sets from the other DJs who all looked like they were having a ball.
My personal favourite was the Mess Around Room - the ambience and the dressing everything was just perfect and all the little touches made this a very special weekend.
The atmosphere was electric but at the same time intimate and felt like a big family party. 

Jo Green and her team should be very proud of this weekend I think it will go from strength to strength.
Thank you to you deserve the success that this weekend was and will be in the future.

WOW!!! it doesn't get any better than what you managed to put on for your 1st Weekender. Fantastic all round. UK based DJ's,;-) Bands were the tops, Stallholders all brilliant, dance teachers all great. Everywhere so busy, the place was buzzing but in sort of relaxed atmosphere. It was lovely to see so many there that had stopped doing Dance Weekenders; that tells you something ;-)

All three rooms rocked, what else could any one have wanted?

So Jo Green and Team feel very very proud; you deserve to - not that I ever doubted you! Love You Jo xx

We had a brilliant weekend! Thank you so much for organising, you did a great job! We came back uplifted with a positive attitude towards life. Amazing! There was a wonderful atmosphere, which you can personally claim a lot of credit for, with your professional, caring, relaxed approach, which made us all feel at ease. I would like to book again for next year and am excited already!

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