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Some of you may know me or recognise me from the swing music/dance

scene.   I'm usually buzzing around somewhere, chatting  with friends and

dancing my socks off!  I love it!

I've enjoyed travelling the world to attend many different dance and music

festivals and learn with the best Teachers, hear the greatest bands, and

meet the most amazing people (many of whom are now firm friends).  

I'd always contemplated promoting an event, such as this, and now it's


I come from a place of love for music,  dancing, and wishing to give

fellow music lovers and dancers a brilliant time and event to remember. 

My aim is to create a different and unique event, with the music and dancing being accessible to all.

I love both listening and dancing to so many different genres of music, which is why this is a roots weekend.

A place to enjoy ALL types of music from the 20s - 50s.  And, it's not just for dancers - it's for all who want to meet up with friends and like-minded people and immerse themselves in the music for an entire weekend.

I want to promote a great mix of music, to suit all tastes, as well as different dance styles.  Thus, we have areas where you will be able to listen to RnB, Swing, and Jazz, and a dashing of early RnR.  Everybody will have something to enjoy.

Feedback the event has so far includes: 


"It's going to be fantastic and I can't wait for it to come around. You have great ideas and your having been a dancer at weekenders yourself and being on the events organising side too, you have thought of everything to make it a wonderful experience for everyone going".

"This is so different from any other weekend anyone has dared to put on. I feel this is going to be a very special event. There is no getting away from the fact most of the weekends in this country are RnB based and there is nothing wrong with that.  I feel, however, a really good mixture of Swing, Jazz, Jump and rare Rhythm n Blues gives people something totally different and will hopefully attract a new and younger crowd, along with a good amount of the older crowd.  A good mix for the dancers and folks who just want to hear good, rare, unusual music alongside music that is the mainstay of the scene. A new idea I feel is going to be a total success".

I trust that everyone who attends will share those thoughts and we look forward to welcoming you all!

Best wishes


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