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Natasha & Paul

Back by popular demand!  After teaching Balboa at the first Frisking The Whiskers, many requested the return of this wonderful duo. 


Whilst Natasha Hall and  Paul Crook won the  UK Open Lindy Hop Champions they actually made a name for themselves as Collegiate Shag & Balboa dancers and teachers. They are professional and popular performers and teachers and have performed all over the country and have made numerous TV, film and theatre appearances.



In 2005 they came top in the London heat of BBC 1's Strictly Dance Fever with their performance of the Lindy Hop. They secured a place in the TV house where they were trained in different styles of dance in order to perform live every Saturday. Zoe Ball named them the 'nations favourite couple' and the Guardian said they were 'the only ones with real style. 


And it's style and technique that is most important to  Paul and Natasha. Having been dancing together for 20 years they also enjoy sharing their experience of lead and follow.



They have taught Balboa classes in London at Swing at the Light and other venues, as well as internationally for going on 15 years.


Rock That Swing Festival Munich

London Balboa Festival

Munich Balboa and Shag Weekend 

Shag Festival - Swing in the City (Munich and Berlin)

Brighton Balboa Festival

All the Swing Festival - Ljubljana Slovenia

Swing and Soda Balboa and Shag weekend - Rome Italy

Rock Bottoms - uk

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