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Greg's 78s

Greg loves 78s!


They are his passion and he sees it his mission to play them in

public as much as he can. Greg has been Djing since he was 16,

although it wasn’t until 1977 at the age of 23 that he did his first

gig Djing solely with 78s – as a support to the Pasadena Roof Orchestra

at Sussex University.


Greg has been a major part of the Shellac Collective since its formation in 2006 and has been co-ordinating the Shellac Collective 78s DJs at Bestival and Camp Bestival since 2007 where he now runs a Stage called “The Pig’s Big Ballroom” named in honour of John Peel and on which the DJs are only allowed to play 78s.


Together with other DJs from the Shellac Collective, Greg broadcasts a weekly 78s radio show on Cambridge 105 Radio called “The Kipper the Cat” show (named after the groups mascot), which goes out at 11pm every Monday night. There are now over 150 of these shows available on Mixcloud exploring all aspects of 78s.


At the legendary Bonanafana nights in Norwich, Greg together with DJ78 were regular house DJs and in addition to the Bestival appearances and Cambridge 105 Radio shows he has been known to play 78s at many other festivals and on many other radio stations – including on BBC Radio 1.


Greg, really gets the joint jumping with hypnotic retro rhythms, mind blowing blues, and unique 78s from Africa and around the world.

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