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The Mailman

The Mailman joined us at the first Frisking The Whiskers and the audience loved him, so we are absolutely thrilled to have him join us again. 

The Mailman has been on the Rockin’ scene for many years, and has a passion for a HUGE range of music from the 40’s and 50’s. You really can't pigeonhole this DJ! 

Because of his broad collection of music genres, The Mailman is sought after to DJ at a variety of events and was very active online, during the pandemic, entertaining large audiences who were keen to keep enjoying the music, atmosphere & community feel they were missing out on.

Having built up a record collection over the decades (trust me, I've seen his collection!), he will be keeping you moving with a mix of Swing, RnB, Western Swing, and a dash of Rock’n’Roll.

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