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An intro from the man himself!:

My musical journey started at around the age of nine when I bought an LP of Buddy Holly hits.
The record racks in Woolworths were my hunting ground.

A few years later, at 12yrs old, I heard my all-time favourite track, Little Junior Parker - "Feeling Good" , on a Pickwick double album. Around this time listening to the late great Stuart Coleman on the radio I heard Screaming Jay Hawkins - Little Demon for the first time.  A week later I found a copy at Poole Record Fair on Direction label backed by the powerhouse "I Put A Spell On You".  This very record has permanent residence in my play box to this day. 

 Jumping forward to around '83 I began DJing. Playing to a Rockin' crowd in the Bournemouth area. Within a couple of years I had slid more toward Honkin' RnB and Blues thanks to labels such as Charlie and Red Lightning. I was also collecting Swing and early Be-Bop. 


I began DJing Swing/RnB dances in the Bournemouth area. Around this time Tim' Hellzapoppin' and Rohan's Fortissimo clubs were the hot ticket in London and I was fortunate enough to be invited to DJ alongside these great driving forces. This lead to playing Tim's Swing Balls in Worthing and also DJing for the Jitterbug Jam weekend workshops. My biggest local event was entertaining 1800 U.S. D-Day Veterans at Sopley Camp, DJing with Sugar Ray's Flying Fortress for the 50th anniversary of D-Day. The Sopley dances became famous (or is it infamous 😂).

In recent times I have been lucky to play The Rhythm Riot, Bop-A-Lenas, Rhythm Rumble, BlueDot RnB Club, Catch My Drift and many others . 

I currently host The FiveWays Vinyl Spin-Off (multi genre of 50s/60s music with 6 DJs) and Vernon's Mish Mash for mid-century mayhem. 

Expect to hear a cross section of Honkin' RnB , Blues , 50s/60s RnB, DooWop, Exotica, Popcorn Cross-over, New Breed and more. 

        Five from my boxes:

Jimmy Liggins - Ada from Decateur

Mercy Baby - Rock n Roll Baby

Cousin Leroy - I'm Lonesome

Louis Blues Boy Jones - Come On Home

El Paulin , Royal A bit The Royalton - Please , Please Be Mine


See you on a dancefloor! Vernon

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