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Taking flight...

So, another week has gone by.

I was out walking the dogs on Monday morning and heard a tremendous noise. Even the dogs were startled. Turns out that it was a pair of swans taking off from the nearby lake.

I immediately identified with that and thought, "That's been me, over the last few weeks!".

It's been a huge push and a lot of noise on my part (I don't do well with technology) and I've pushed my poor brain to the limit. Still, everything is coming together and we have everything pretty much set. Naturally, things will be tweaked and finer details added. For now, it's time to focus on more promotion and getting Frisking The Whiskers out there to the masses.

It's not just a dance weekender. I envisage this being for music lovers and listeners. People who want to come and immerse themselves in the great sounds that will be playing over the weekend. The DJs have been chosen wisely and, for the first event, I wanted to use our "home grown" crew and acknowledge the talent we have based within the UK. These guys really do have the most epic collection of music and I'm truly humbled that they are excited about working with me.

I hope you are all impressed with the line up and, as the bookings are coming in, I can take a little more time to reflect on what a great weekend this is set to be,

Thanks to everyone for their patience, input, and support. Keep spreading the word.

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