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What a whirlwind it's been!

Well, on Thursday 1st February, my world got just a bit more interesting, to say the least!

I was contacted by Pontin's, Pakefield in Suffolk (just a 10 minute drive from my home!), suggesting we had a meeting to discuss me filling the void that was sadly left following the demise of Hep Cats Holiday. Very sad news and my heart goes out to those who lost money as a result. (I should take this opportunity to categorically reassure you that I am in no way connected or working with Robert Austin or the Hep Cats Ltd company).

So...within those 2 weeks, Peter Ayres came up with an amazing logo, all bands, teachers, DJs, Traders, Photographers, and a glorious Compere have been secured. I've tried to come up with a fresh format, compared to other weekends, and attract a great mix of music lovers and dancers alike. I want to see that beautiful combination of Balboa, Shag, and Lindy Hop out on the dance floor again. I have a feeling the Mess Around Club is going to be a big hit, with the likes of Paul Golledge (AKA Swing Maniac) who runs the ever-successful Mouthful o' Jam nights in London, behind the decks.

For the first time, I built a website. Oh my days! It's amazing how many clicks of a mouse it takes to perform one simple action! Yet, I succeeded and, after many sleepless nights, the event is available for bookings. My poor partner, Laurie, has been wonderfully calm and helpful whilst I've been tearing my hair out and I can't thank him enough for just being there. Special thanks to my friend Pam for her input as well. Bless you and your patience.

One of the first bookings that came through are from some delightful dancers in Norway! How lovely!

Now it's on to more and more promotion.

Particular thanks go out to Mark (DJ Mark's Kicking The Boogie), who has been helping me with booking of bands, DJs, and Traders, and who has tolerated my insane level of messaging, emailing, phone calls and speed of wishing to organise things.

Other special thanks are owed to so many of you for your kindness and generosity - too many to mention but I trust you know who you are. I won't forget you!

And thanks to EVERYONE for your immense support, which really helps at times when it's been stressful! We're still over a year away but you can definitely get excited, now you know what you have to look forward to!

Keeping spreading the word, lovely people! Frisking The Whiskers is here!

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