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Gypsy John

"I would watch my Mum and Dad jive around the house to Jazz and Boogie Woogie, when I was a boy, and immediately fell in love with the music. 

By the time I was 14 years old, I had over 1400 pictures of Elvis on my bedroom wall and a rock n roll record collection of 100 LPs, 150 45s and over 100 78s - the seed was deeply sown!


Shortly after I started teaching Lindy Hop and hosting swing dances, I decided to start DJing. I already had a vast collection of jazz and swing music on CDs and am forever grateful to veteran vintage swing DJ, Terry Elliott, for his help and advice.


Before long I was resident DJ at the War and Peace Show for over 10 years, The Pickering War Weekend, The Rhythm Riot and many more.


My collection has now expanded to 40,000 tunes, covering great dance music from the early '30s to the late 50s, plus an extensive collection of Jazz and Swing on 12" vinyl and 10" shellac (which stays at home!).


After teaching vintage swing dance intensively for 20 years it's a pleasure to watch dancers enjoy my choice of music".

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