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Aisha Khan & The Rajahs

Aisha Khan sings American roots music, Jazz, Blues and Rhythm & Blues of the 1940’s/50’s. With a nod to the glamour and sophistication of a bygone era and over 25 years of experience, coupled with an unrivalled passion for the music, she combines outstanding original material with powerful cover versions and performs them all with class, soul, talent and wit. Equal parts sultry Jazz chanteuse and Rhythm and Blues belter, Aisha easily communicates heartbreak, joy and a range of emotions in between, continuing to honour the tradition of the true Divas.

Aisha’s earliest influences incorporated everything from Elvis and Sarah Vaughan to Billy Bragg and Northern Soul. Naturally drawn to London’s incendiary Rockabilly club scene, she felt the irresistible pull of black American Rhythm & Blues as a call to action, setting up her first band Tiger Lily and the Jitterbugs, with which she performed throughout the UK and Europe for several years at Jazz, Blues and Rock & Roll festivals, clubs and events. She also performed at many private events, including supporting Dame Shirley Bassey before Prince Charles at Highgrove.  Subsequently, she was the first vocalist with the 10 piece big band, Blue Harlem performing Swing and Jump Jive. She has sung with Richard Berry, James Hunter and Mike Sanchez, amongst others.

Her first album Aishaddiction on El Toro records, features 13 outstanding self-penned tracks ranging from Rhythm & Blues and Rock & Roll to Calypso and she has already begun to write the material for her next recording. She is currently working in England and Europe with ongoing Projects in Spain and London like the Boogie Woogie Women show with legendary pianist Lluis Coloma and the For Adults Only gigs.


She is the instigator of the Roots Sisters organisation, promoting and supporting female Roots music performers, through which she has been involved in promoting regular live music nights and a monthly London based radio show and blog for Threads Radio. Recent solo performances include events with Pat Reyford’s Lucky Strikes at the Rhythm Riot, the Aisha Khan R&B Revue, Blue Harlem, Cherry Casino & the Gamblers, Robert Gordon and the Barcelona Big Blues Band with Paul Ansell.

 “…Aisha Khan ascended to the stage and began her more than particular show. In that environment, almost alone, she is able to recreate for the audience an American club from those crazy Forties and Fifties, with songs like the album’s title track, ‘Aishaddiction’...[it was] a night that ended with ‘Make a Grown Woman Cry’, where the magic of a Diva, an authentic heroine enraptured and practically destroyed the audience that filled the Rocksound room.” (Dirty Rock Magazine).

“There are nights that promise much but your high expectations can ruin your aspirations. It was not the case with this great lady, as she only had to appear on stage to earn the respect of the room…This woman could compete in glamour with the great Divas of classic Hollywood and has a very versatile voice that allows you to experience different styles . Country. Rock & Roll, Jazz and Rhythm & Blues are the main ingredients of her musical menu…No doubt Aisha offers one of the best shows of the genre that can be attended today. It will not take long to compete with established artists like Imelda May. Come back soon Aisha, in Barcelona we adore you.”


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